How Can We Help?

We offer specialist help from the professional composer Paul Barker with all aspects of Compositional Studies: 

*  MYP Personal Projects in Music

*  GCSE Composition 

*  IB Composition - Creating  - Music Technology

*  A' Level Composition

*  Personal Projects & Competitions

*  Music Technology based projects

*  Elite Young Composer Programme

Further more, we are able to support both students and adults alike and also help prepare for more demanding personal projects, competitions, interviews and other related musical needs.

We offer 3 levels of support for Composition to provide exactly what you need, when you need it to help you succeed. Also check out our new Elite Young Composer Programme below.


Level 1 - Email Support

Support is provided by email to help you develop your compositions through:

*  Quality feedback on your work

*  Action plans to move you forward

*  Support with Theory -Software - Examination Requirements

Level 2 - Online Tuition

We can offer support and guidance for your compositional work by regular online tuition using Skype and other platforms such as Facetime.

* Receive face to face feedback

* Easy to ask questions

* Safe & Secure - all online tuition is recorded and you can also record the session yourself

Level 3 - Private Tuition

Personal One to One Tuition at a location convenient to you 

* Use of our technology/software

* Preparation of individual recourses

* Time and location convenient to you or at our premises

Elite Young Composer

Do you have a young Mozart on your hands?

So your young child loves composing and creating music  - we are confident we can provide a tailored programme to develop their talents through our Elite Composer Programme - especially designed for budding Mozarts!

Programme Features

* Suitable for ages 6 years & upwards

* Get a head start on musical success and Advanced Mental Development

* Use of Music Technology

* Develop your child's area of interest

* Produce final pieces of music to play  - record - perform

* Develop high level theoretical understanding and advanced knowledge of the compositional process

Admission Requirements

Admission to the programme is subject to an informal (very friendly!) interview with the parent and child. Please contact us for further details.