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A new concept in Online and Personal Music Education for Hong Kong

Our Values

Music First HK was created by Paul Barker who is an award winning professional composer and current educationalist with over 30 years of experience in both UK and International education.

At Music First HK we aim to provide students, adults and educational organisations with  high quality -

Professional Tutoring - Mentoring



Training Sessions 


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Accreditations & Awards

UK Teaching Certificates & International Awards

Leeds University - UK

Sheffield Hallam University - UK

Birklee College of Music - USA

World Music Foundation - Global

MYP - GCSE - IB - A'Level Music

Music Technology Specialist

IB Music Examiner

Competitions & Awards

International Publishing


Paul Barker Music Publishing Company  Specialising in New and Original Digital Choral and Instrumental Music for Schools, Colleges and Professional Organisations

International Workshops

FOBISIA Music Asia

International Schools

Music Publishing Workshops

Compositional Workshops for all years and abilities worldwide

Nuvo Instrumental Workshops across Asia

International Performances

Korea - ISCMS

Australia - Australian Youth Choir

Germany - St  Paulus Choir Vorden

USA - Mid-West Clinic

UK - Altringham Choral Society

Shanghai - Dulwich College

Hong Kong - Int. Environmental Convention

South Africa - Carpe Musicam!

And many more!

A Selection of Past Concerts & Posters

Asia - Korea


A Mass in Rock for SAB Choir, Full Orchestra & Rock Band

International Schools Choral Music Festival (ISCMS)

Europe - Italy


From the Choral Suite Roquiem

China - Hong Kong


String Orchestra

Published by Wingert-Jones

JW Pepper USA

Europe - Germany



Choral Suites

Published by Starshine Music (UK)

United Kingdom


A Mass In Rock for SAB Choir, Full Orchestra & Rock Band

United Kingdom


SAB Choir and String/Full Orchestra

Published by PaulBarkerMusic (HK)